Omoiyari – The Japanese Art of Compassion
Omoiyari – The Japanese Art of Compassion
English | N/A pages | ISBN: N/A | Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers | Author: Erin Niimi Longhurst | N/A | epub | 108.6 MB

‘We live in a rapidly divisive and changing world. Rather than building walls, and becoming too insular, there is something crucial and extremely valuable in the concept of omoiyari – sharing perspectives, better understanding others, and through the process better understanding ourselves.’ Omoiyari is a Japanese custom which means to be caring, considerate and compassionate. However, none of these words really encompass the full meaning of omoiyari. It carries a far deeper meaning that underpins all aspects of daily life in Japan and is essential to the social spirit. It goes beyond the idea of empathy and is rather about empathy that leads to action – it is about making positive change because you understand another person’s position and viewpoint. The book would cover:

  • Omoiyari for yourself (including limiting waste, polite conscientiousness and self-expression)
  • Omoiyari for others (including Japanese hospitality, respect for the past and the art of gift-giving)
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