The Illustrated Bible Story by Story
English | ISBN: 0756689627 | 2012 | True PDF | 512 pages | 176 MB

The Illustrated Bible Story by Story is an indispensable retelling of the stories that have absorbed readers for centuries.

Authenticated by a team of expert biblical scholars and historians, The Illustrated Bible Story by Story traces the events and places that have shaped the scriptures, book by book, prophet by prophet, miracle by miracle.

With comprehensive and objective coverage of every major covenant, prophecy, miracle, and parable in the Old and New Testaments, set clearly in their historical and religious context, The Illustrated Bible Story by Story’s uniquely accessible approach appeals to a general readership of any faith, making this an ideal gift as well as an essential resource for homes, schools, and libraries.


Supported by archaeological discoveries and historical documentation
Profiles key figures, from Adam and Eve to John the Baptist to Saint Paul
Focuses on key sites, such as Jericho and Mount Sinai
Comprehensive timelines give an instant overview of events
Before-and-after panels throughout link events over time
Features portraits, works of art, maps, landscapes, and key artifacts
Includes family trees showing genealogies

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