VBScript: The quick start course in Windows Automation, 2020 edition
16 Jan. 2020 | ASIN: B083ZLQQ8Y | English | 183 pages | EPUB | 0.14 MB

Learning VBScript lets you:

– automate tasks on Windows
– work on Classic ASP websites
– master other programming languages faster (e.g. VBA, VB.Net, VB)

This book will show you:

– how to get started with VBScript
– some practical uses of scripting
– how to keep scripts readable, reliable, and efficient

It will save you:

– time & typing

This book is based around a series of example scripts. Each script introduces new parts of the language and ways to use it. This is followed by an explanation, to say how the script works, what’s new, and why it matters. Problem-solving exercises are included, so you can practise as you learn, and the answers are provided on the page after.

The book starts with the basics and builds up to more advanced topics step-by-step. Each new topic is covered in a concise, focused way.

Try it out.

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